KK’s Candor
For encouragement and reality

KK’s Candor was launched in 2009. Karen’s posts are slice-of-life observations about life.

  • Memorial Day is an American holiday. We take time to remember those who said, yes when asked to #serve in the military. That three-letter word changed the trajectory of their lives. Their commitment to protecting our country from enemies foreign … Continue reading →
  • Who are you? Maggie Nelson, the main character, in my debut novel, Curtains for Maggie, feels like she’s lost herself; her identity. She married Dan, her college sweetheart, and they have two children. She decided with Dan when their first … Continue reading →
  • It is easy to have such planned lives that we miss the hours or days that are in the present. Continue reading →
  • Like many others, I began a #diet journey in #January. I committed to using the Weight Watchers app. The wonderful part of the app is that when I exercise, it gives me additional points for the week. I’m getting #credit … Continue reading →
  • Is it a #dream or a #goal? I’ve wanted to write a book and have it published for as long as I can remember. It started as a dream, but when I got serious about #writing and learning the craft, … Continue reading →